College of Charleston Observatory

The Dome
CofC students in the introductory (general education) astronomy course have an opportunity to view the sky through our 16" telescope, as well as more than 50 portable 8" telescopes.

Our 16 inch DFM telescope
The 16" telescope is used for public outreach, the introductory astronomy labs, and for undergraduate research projects.

The Observing Deck
We have 22 piers on 2 roof-top observing decks. These are used by CofC students in the PHYS 129 and 130 lab courses. They observe with 8" telescopes (we have over 50 of them!).

Venus Transit
Public viewing of the transit of Venus.

Dr. James E. Neff
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC 29424

email: ........ phone: 843-953-5325 ........ fax: 843-953-4824