Student Research Supervised by James Neff:

If you are a student interested in participating in a research project, please refer to my description of ``Opportunities for Undergraduate Student Research Projects''.

  1. Cory Barton
  2. John Bent
  3. Nate Towles
  4. Robert Laquiere
  5. Completed senior research (PHYS420) project using observations from the Sierra Stars Observatory to develop a data reduction and analysis pipeline for a major observing program the be initiated at the observatory in the Virgin Islands (as soon as I get some filters). He worked all 4 years at both observatories on virtually every technical aspect. Some of that work was documented in an independent study (PHYS390) report.

  6. Andrew Smith
  7. Completed senior research (PHYS420) project generating synthetic spectra to fit observed far-ultraviolet observations of A stars. Discovered that single-temperature models never work. Developed procedure to synthesis spectrum from an oblate star with temperature and gravity varying from pole to equator. He also integrated, tested, and documented a new spectrometer for the local observatory, assisted with the commissioning of the observatory in the Virgin Islands. He installed weather stations at both facilities. Planning to enter graduate school at Clemson University in the fall.

  8. Frank Grimmer
  9. Charles Taylor
  10. Completed senior research (PHYS420) project in which he analyzed all of the FUSE archival data of AB Doradus. Made a significant discovery about the source of the broad wings frequently seen on emission line profiles of active stars. Also completed two separate independent study (PHYS390) courses related to this research program. He's now an officer in the US Coast Guard, stationed in Portland, OR.

  11. Jason Daniels
  12. Received his MS in Environmental Science from the College of Charleston. Completed an internship project related to improving automobile fuel efficiency and ethanol fuels. Also completed an independent study project on all aspects of natural gas (policy, economics, future projections, history, infrastructure, resource limitations, etc). I think he's spending a year in Israel.

  13. Carson Grimes
  14. Completed senior research (PHYS420) project in which he analyzed archival wind data from NOAA web-sites to determine the wind energy potential at Folly Beach. He combined historical meteorological data with wind turbine characteristics to see if wind power is a cost-effective alternative for coastal South Carolina sites. Last I heard he was working in a law office in Columbia, SC.

  15. Jenny Mantini
  16. Completed a senior research (PHYS420) project to investigate microclimate in St. Thomas, USVI.

  17. Luke McCormack
  18. Graduated from CofC with a Biology degree (and probably half a dozen minors). For his undergraduate honors thesis and his Environmental Studies minor, he researched wind power generation, spent a summer at the National Wind Technology Center (Boulder, CO), and wrote an outstanding honors essay (HONS499) comparing the various state Renewable Energy Portfolios. Luke is now a graduate student at Penn State University.

  19. Lew Wadsworth
  20. Completed a senior research project (PHYS420) characterizing the Virgin Islands observatory performance (particularly the pointing model). He also helped to refurbish our local observatory and test the new CCD. He spent a winter break at the observatory in St. Thomas and completed his senior research project. He's still in Charleston and drops by occasionally.

  21. Mike Calcutt
  22. Worked during Spring 2005 in the campus observatory (designing a new mechanism to properly balance the telescope with the imager on the back end) and learning how to analyze IUE data.

  23. Mark Walsh
  24. Completed a senior research (PHYS4320 project) about microclimate of St. Thomas, USVI (no kidding!). He spent the summer 2003 working on the weather station in St. Thomas, which led to an independent study course (PHYS390) and a senior research project. For several years he taught high school and coached soccer in Mosspoint, MI and dreamed of going to Antarctica. His dream job finally came through, but he had to turn it down when he got another dream job offer at the same time. He's doin' OK.

  25. Joe Dukes
  26. Received his MS in Environmental Science from the College of Charleston. He analyzed the results of the "Greenhouse Gas Audit" of the College of Charleston campus. Last I heard he was in the "green" construction business in Charleston.

  27. Tommy Linstroth
  28. Received his MS in Environmental Science from the College of Charleston. Compiled and analyzed the results of the "Greenhouse Gas Audit" of the College of Charleston campus. Recently authored a book entitled "Local Action: The New Paradigm in Climate Change Policy". I believe he's working in Savannah, GA.

  29. Katherine Owens
  30. Received her MS in Environmental Science from the College of Charleston. She was instrumental in starting the Greenhouse Gas Audit program. She completed her PhD in the Netherlands and is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Hartford.

  31. Kinsey Boehl
  32. Physics graduate who assisted Katherine Owens in the Greenhouse Gas Audit of the College of Charleston campus.

  33. Tabetha Boyajian
  34. Completed a senior research (PHYS420) in which she analyzed archival IUE data using ICUR and IDL. Recently completed her PhD in astrophysics at Georgia State University. Awarded the prestigious Hubble Fellowship. Plans to remain at GSU as a postdoc.

  35. Joe Meiring
  36. Completed a senior research (PHYS420) project in which he analyzed echelle spectra from McDonald Observatory, NSO/KP, CTIO, Mount Stromlo Observatory using IRAF. Completed his PhD in astrophysics at the University of South Carolina. Now a post-doctoral research associate at University of Louisville.

  37. Ryan Hartnett
  38. Assisted in the rennovation of the local observatory. He completed an independent study (PHYS390) project in order to learn more about the operation of ccd's at small observatories. He graduated from CofC with a philosophy degree.

  39. James Fernandez
  40. Completed his senior research (PHYS420) project. He used "OrbitMaker" to study the effect of stellar mass loss (rapid and steady) on planetary orbits.

  41. Aaron Hurley
  42. Worked on a MS thesis for the Masters in Environmental Studies program. He spent summer 2000 in the Virgin Islands studying local climate and setting up instruments for a more detailed site survey.

  43. Keller Allen
  44. Completed senior research (PHYS420) project. During the 1999/2000 academic year he was an exchange student at the University of the Virgin Islands. He conducted a preliminary site survey and supervised several local students in the use of the Etelman Observatory, which he submitted as an independent study project (PHYS390). He is now living in Massachusetts, getting a graduate degree in couselling, and yearning to return to the Virgin Islands.

  45. Will Bulkley
  46. Graduated from CofC with Physics degree. Participated in Charleston side of the asteroid project, in conjunction with Keller, Ryan, and Jennifer.

  47. Dennis Maxwell
  48. Completed a senior research project (PHYS420) at the College of Charleston. He reduced and analyzed high-resolution echelle spectra obtained at McDonald Observatory.

  49. Michael Woerhman
  50. Completed a senior research (PHYS420) project using ultraviolet spectra to probe the spatial structure of stellar chromospheres. He was then a physics graduate student at the University of West Virginia. He is now an officer in the US Navy.

  51. Jennifer Lockman
  52. Completed a Senior Thesis (PHYS499) project at the College of Charleston. She worked with Jay Lockman at NRAO/Green Bank on a project to study neutral Hydrogen in our galaxy and the response of the 140 foot and the new Green Bank telescope to this diffuse radiation. Graduate school at University of Minnesota. She's still in the twin cities.

  53. Rob Smith
  54. Completed a senior research (PHYS420) project at the College of Charleston entitled "The Dynamo Theory: A Statistical Study of Intrinsic Stellar Parameters". He served in the US Air Force. He's now preparing educational software at UNC Greensboro.

  55. Dirk Aurin
  56. Completed a senior research (PHYS420) project at the College of Charleston in 1998 entitled "A Photometric Survey of Selected RS CVn-Type Variable Stars Conducted at the Etelman Observatory". He spent a year in the Virgin Islands getting the observatory up and running and then did some photometry of II Peg while we were trying to observe it at Kitt Peak. Last I heard he was completing a PhD program in Physical Oceanography at the University of Connecticut.

  57. Douglas O'Neal
  58. Completed his Ph.D. thesis at Penn State University. Post-doctoral research position at the University of Colorado. Several teaching positions in West Virginia and Pennyslyvania. Now in a tenure-track position at Keystone College in Pennsylvania.

  59. Marjorie Thorpe
  60. Undergraduate student who completed an Honors thesis in April 1995. Graduated from Penn State in May 95 and participated in NASA/GSFC's summer Academy program. She then worked both in University Programs division at NASA/GSFC and with the EFI/POLAR group in Code 696. Last I heard she was doing satellite operations work for a Beltway Bandit.

  61. Cathy Miller
  62. Summer REU student (1993) and summer employee (1994). Graduated from Amherst College. Last I heard, she was working at Amherst in the computer lab.

  63. Russell Lighton
  64. Research assistant during academic year 1992/1993.

  65. Timothy Meade
  66. Summer REU Student (1992). Graduated from Bucknell University. Completed PhD at University of Michigan doing research in "ultrafast" optics. Now working for Opti Metrics, Inc. at Wright-Patterson AFB. See pictures of his 4 beautiful children on his web log.

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