The MUSICOS Network

Multi-Site Continuous Spectroscopy

MUSICOS is a French-led consortium formed to obtain high-resolution spectra of a single target for several days continuously. To do this, identical spectrographs are placed on several 2m-class telescopes around the world, and supporting observations are arranged at many others.

My spectral imaging programs carried out with space-based observatories demonstrated the requirement that such observations be conducted continuously for several days, which is not possible from a single ground-based site (except the poles). I was a Principal Investigator in the first two MUSICOS campaigns (December 1989 and December 1992) and have participated in most of the subsequent campaigns.

A comprehensive MUSICOS page can be found at A overview of the MUSICOS project, as well as details about and papers resulting from the 1989, 1992, 1994, and 1996 campaigns papers can be found at


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