Professor of Physics & Astronomy, College of Charleston, & University of Charleston, SC


Department of Physics & Astronomy
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC 29424

email: ....... office: 843-953-5325 ....... fax: 843-953-4824


PUBLICATIONS: 165 publications including 52 refereed and invited review papers, 65 conference proceeding papers, and 48 meeting abstracts

GRANTS and CONTRACTS: Investigator on over 150 research programs sponsored by NASA, NSF, STScI, NOAO, ESA, and others. A approximately $1.8 million has been awarded for those programs on which I am the Principal Investigator.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: (1) stellar chromospheres and coronae; solar-stellar and solar-terrestrial connections; plasma astrophysics (2) circumstellar matter in protoplanetary systems; (3) local interstellar medium; (4) high-resolution spectroscopy; coordinated space-based and ground-based multiwavelength observing campaigns; robotic telescopes

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: (1) College of Charleston: "Introductory Astronomy", a 2-semester lecture and laboratory course. "Energy Production and Resource Management", a graduate course in Environmental Studies. "Stellar Astronomy & Astrophysics" (junior-level). "Experimental Astronomy" (junior/senior level). "Astrophysics" (senior level). "Research Seminar" (junior-level). Supervised many Independent Study Research Courses and Senior Theses. (2) State University of New York: Taught "Introduction to the Solar System" and "The Search For Life in the Universe". (3) Bucknell University: Instructor for 2 Physics and 1 Astronomy laboratory courses. Supervised 5 undergraduate teaching assistants. Guest lectures in Light and Vision course. (4) Penn State University: Guest lectures in graduate Stellar Atmospheres course, taught the undergraduate Honors Seminar, and supervised Independent Research courses. (5) University of Colorado and University of Iowa: Instructor for 4 Physics laboratory classes and for 8 Astronomy laboratory classes and Tutor in math, physics, astronomy, and chemistry. (6) Thesis Advisor for one Ph.D. and two undergraduate Honors thesis. Provided financial support and scientific supervision for over 30 student research assistants. (7) Presented 30 colloquia and invited review talks at international meetings. Trip leader for solar eclipse expedition; presented many public lectures and observatory public nights.

ACADEMIC SERVICE: College of Charleston: President's Information Technology Council; Faculty Educational Technology Committee; Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness Committee (Subcommittee Chair for Departmental Assessments); Biology Chair Search Committee; CofC/UVI Steering Committee; Environmental Institute Committee; Observatory Manager; Miscellaneous Departmental Committees. Penn State University: Chair, Black Moshannon Observatory Operations Committee (chair); Observatories Committee. University of Colorado: Internal Review Team for Physics Dept. Program Review, Graduate Student/Faculty Liaison. University of Iowa: Chapter President, Society of Physics Students

HONORS AND AWARDS: "Distinguished Research Award", College of Charleston (2003); "In Praise of Teaching" honoree, College of Charleston (2002); Project Kaleidoscope Faculty for the 21st Century; NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Fellow; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Xi; Sigma Pi Sigma; U. of Colorado Graduate Fellowship; U. of Iowa Honors Scholarship; State of Iowa Scholarship; Maytag Foundation Fellowship

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: Chair, Local Organizing Committee for 1999 meeting of the High-Energy Astrophysics Division, American Astronomical Society; Astronomy and Astrophysics journal paper referee; NASA Origins of Solar Systems proposal review; NASA Chandra review panel; NASA Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer review panels (panel chair); Astronomical Journal referee; NASA Orfeus/SpasII review panel; NASA EUVE review panel; PSU Scientific Advisory Committee, Hobby-Eberly-Telescope; NASA Astrophysics Data Program review panel; National Solar Observatory Telescope Allocation Committee; NASA Long-Term Space Astrophysics proposal review panel; Journal Referee for Astrophysical Journal (and Letters), Astronomical Journal, and Astronomy & Astrophysics (and letters); NASA UV, Visible, and Gravitational Astrophysics Research & Analysis proposal review panel; NSF Stars & Stellar Evolution proposal reviews; NASA IUE proposal review panels; IAU Working Group for Multiwavelength Astrophysics



OBSERVING EXPERIENCE: 307 nights on 6 different NOAO telescopes, 66 nights at the McDonald Observatory 2.7m telescope and 2.1m telescope, 65 nights at Mt. Stromlo Observatory 1.9m telescope, and 6 nights at Siding Spring Observatory. Over 80 observing shifts with the International Ultraviolet Explorer. Experience with the NRAO/VLA and with several orbiting telescopes (HST, FUSE, EUVE, EXOSAT, GINGA, ROSAT,), and I have made extensive use of the optical and radio observatory facilities at the University of Iowa, the University of Colorado, Penn State University, and the College of Charleston.

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